Envisage Achievements

Envisage Achievements

The Tailor:Weld project aims to create an innovative yet simple laser welding system, that uses DOEs, which will increase the flexibility and simplify the application of laser welding; removing the key barrier to entry for SME fabricators.

The consortium envisage that the successful completion of the Tailor:Weld project and the post-project activities, will significantly reduce the primary barriers for the adoption of laser welding by European SMEs in the manufacturing sector. Consequently, the adopting SMEs will benefit from the operational and economic benefits of the laser welding process leading to significantly improved competitiveness, specifically:

  • Increased throughput, leading to increased turnover.
  • Elimination of expensive down-stream re-work and a significantly reduced reject rate; leading to increased margins.
  • Opportunities to supply a wider number of markets, including high value manufacturing; leading to substantially improved business opportunities.

As part of the post-project Exploitation Plan, the project will deliver a bespoke automated system consisting of the DOE based Tailor:Weld optics head, the fibre laser, the control system and welding modelling know how created within the programme. It is estimated that a production supply chain could be established within one year after project completion to test and trial the new high value applications identified within the project. The target customer base will be contract manufacturers, repair and rework bureaus and major electronics OEM’s.


If you are interested in the project, or would like to receive further information regarding the Tailor:Weld system, please contact us to discuss your applications.