Luleå University of Technology


Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is among the six established technical universities in Sweden, located in the northern mining regions. LTU has expertise in automation, including process monitoring and control, experience in a wide range of process simulation and analysis software packages, and over 30 years of experience of laser materials processing. Furthermore, LTU has developed innovative data and knowledge management methods and ICT-solutions, and leading the “Faste Laboratory”, 2006-2015, one of the two Swedish national VINNEXC Centres of Excellence in product development and production.

The research division participating in the TAILOR:WELD project carries out a wide range of research in to industrial laser materials processing activities, with particular focus on laser welding and corresponding experience in monitoring, imaging and modelling of the process.

As RTD in the project, LTU is responsible for the development of numerical models for keyhole and conduction limited laser welding, as well as the development of DOE look-up tables which will be incorporates into a user-friendly GUI design tool. The resultant DOE design software will be validated using the applications considered in the Tailor:Weld project, as well as selected group of SME end users, leading to optimum DOEs and applications.