TWI Limited


TWI is one of the world's foremost independent research and technology organisations. Based in Cambridge, UK, since 1946, and with several offices around the world, TWI has a long history of development and innovation in all aspects of materials joining and related technologies. TWI has over 800 staff and a turnover of €80m. The company is on the cutting edge of technological advancement and is recognised as one of the world's leading research and technology organisations. Part of TWI's strength is its broad range of expertise, allowing multi-disciplinary teams to provide a complete and integrated solution to industry-relevant problems. TWI's technologies fall in the areas of Structural Integrity and Corrosion Management, Non Destructive Testing, Welding and Joining Technologies, Material Processing and Manufacturing Support.

TWI has been involved in the development of laser materials processing since the late 1960s, TWI’s expertise includes the application, modelling and process development of laser welding for metallic materials. In addition, there is a significant amount of complimentary expertise available at TWI in supporting this project, including metallurgy, structural integrity and non-destructive testing. Part of TWI’s focus is to promote the manufacturing benefits offered by high-productivity welding processes across industries such as electronic, automotive and aerospace.

As one of the RTD in the Tailor:Weld project, TWI is responsible for the research and development of tailored energy distributions in laser welding for a series of components considered in the project. Tasks including

  • Investigate the effect of beam profile, using DOE, during laser welding.
  • Validate the numerical models for tailored energy distributions.
  • Develop and prototype a new welding head module for DOE applications.