News and Events


30 January 2014 – TailorWeld project website launched.

10-11 December 2013 – TailorWeld project kick-off meeting took place at EWF Tagus Park, Portugal.

30 October 2013 – TailorWeld consortium has successfully received the funding support from the EC through its Seventh Framework programme, under grant agreement number 606048.

Future Events

28-29 April 2015 - TailorWeld 4th partner meeting and interim project review meeting, to be held at Brussels.

Past Events

26-27 November 2014 - TailorWeld Annual Meeting held at Graham Engineering Ltd, UK.

12-13 May 2014 – TailorWeld project progress meeting held at TWI Granta Park, UK.

TailorWeld 2nd Meeting at TWI 

10 Dec 2013 – TailorWeld project kick-off meeting successfully organised and held at EWF Porto Salvo, Portugal.

TailorWeld Kickoff Meeting